About Us

Conversologie Logo

Conversologie is managed by Jam Mayer, who has been in the digital landscape for more than a decade.  She works with the team to deliver solutions that are focused on achieving your business objectives.

“We are Conversologists.”

Jam Mayer

Our Logo

Inspired by the yin-yang symbol, the logo takes the shape of a speech balloon. Overall, it conveys the idea of harmony in communications. The logo is also shaped like a ripple, which suggests the spreading of timely and effective messages across the social media space.

The ensemble of visual metaphors used here, like the “C” at the center that denotes that conversation is at the heart of our process, unequivocally resonates with our company philosophy and business strategy. Through our solutions, we build sustainable connections and facilitate engaging conversations between brands and their internal and external clients.

Our Name

Conversologie |kon-ver-so-lo-jie| is the art and science of designing sustainable digital engagement solutions through conversation.

The term Conversologie represents our mission and philosophy to build connections, foster collaboration and promote meaningful exchange through an innovative approach.

Our Culture

We are young, innovative, fun-loving and forward-thinking digital savvy professionals. We are sociable and highly personable, we are today’s connectors.

We are diverse, we are multicultural, we offer solutions from different perspectives. We believe in endless possibilities. We use our creativity to turn obstacles into opportunities.

We are customer-centric. We listen. We are involved. We value participative conversation and effective open communication.

In today’s world where human interaction intersects with technological advances, we believe that communication and emotional connection is critical to success. We embrace technology as enablers but we put people at the core of our culture.

We build and strengthen relationships. We nurture dialogues and exchanges. We add value. We promise fresh ideas and engaging solutions. We deliver.

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