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What Is Conversologie?

Conversologie |kon-ver-so-lo-jie| is the art and science of creating better engagement through genuine and meaningful conversation.

Whether it’s social media, chatbots, marketing strategies; technology is the enabler, but sincere communication and emotional connections still need to be at the core.

Our Story

When Jam Mayer made her first clicks in the digital world back in the early 2000s, she knew this was for the long haul. After more than a decade as a strategist, educator, and consultant, she founded Conversologie as an expression of her key philosophy of marketing:

“Dialogue is at the core of our interactions, the key to our cooperation and our success, and it has to be at the heart of a successful business.”

With a team based both in New Zealand and beyond, Conversologie provides solutions with real-life value. This includes education, training, content marketing, marketing automation, chatbot conversation design and development and a capability-sharing community

Jam also secured the coveted role as Hootsuite’s first and only Digital Services Partner in New Zealand, offering bespoke packages, support, and training. She can provide insights into Hootsuite’s solutions, help increase revenue and draw meaningful knowledge from its data.

We believe that every conversation should move you forward.

Our Culture

We are young minded, innovative, fun-loving and forward-thinking digital-savvy professionals. We are sociable and highly personable. We are today’s connectors.

We are diverse, we are multicultural, we offer solutions from different perspectives. We believe in possibilities. We use our creativity to turn obstacles into opportunities. We are customer-centric. We listen. We are involved. We love conversation. 

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