Beyond the Basics: Building Better Chatbots

Chatbots are a fast growing business.  In a few short years we have seen an explosion of chatbot development and technology. The basic chatbot is quick, cheap and easy to build.

And there is even more on the horizon. AI and machine learning protocols like NLP and NLG are making smarter, more responsive and ever more capable messenger- style bots.

But let’s explore beyond the basics. The next level of chatbot development includes voice bots that can hold a conversation: digital humans that respond to visual cues and have their own expressions and body language.

Tech partners and Conversologie present this must-see webinar.

Join founder Andy Dharmani and Chief Conversologist and entrepreneur Jam Mayer in this free webinar that explores the full scope of AI chatbots.



What are the possibilities and uses of chatbots?

What are NLP, NLG, NLU, LUIS and other acronyms?

How are chatbots trained and tuned for better understanding?

What are the options and costs of implementation?


Founder of

Andy comes from a background of solutions architecture and infrastucture, with qualifications in computer science and technology, and business.

In early 2018 he founded, developing and training AI chatbots for enterprise. He is also an in-demand speaker and thought leader in New Zealand’s thriving developer community.

A passionate technologist with international experience, he is highly regarded for both his vision and an ability to deliver practical and effective solutions, Andy combines his knowledge of technology with natural business acumen to drive results for his clients.


Chief Conversologist

Director of Conversologie and entrepreneur, Jam is deeply passionate about social media marketing, keeping ahead of the trends, and mastering the industry’s latest technologies and tools.

From her beginnings as a call centre director, actor, radio host, and professional blogger, through her journey into social media, to education and public speaking, Jam’s charm, upbeat style and depth of knowledge have earned her much respect in the industry.

In 2017 Jam was picked by social marketing icon Hootsuite to be their New Zealand ambassador and Digital Services Partner. Informally dubbed The Chatbot Queen at last year’s Social Media Conference in New Zealand, this year Jam is back to speak about Chatbots and Conversational Design.

Enjoy: her energy and flair will make you sit up and take notes.