Complete Blueprint to Search Engine Success Webinar

Webinar Date: Thursday, 21 February 2012

Time: 9 PM New Zealand | 4 PM Philippines | 9 AM Paris |10 AM Cape Town

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Course Description. SEO Expert and consultant Steve Knight will explain step by step how you can drive a steady flow of readers straight to your web site.

Learn how you can leverage your content, structure your pages, and develop a superior SEO strategy to drive a horde of avid readers to your site every day.

Discover  an effective method of comparing the commercial value of dozens of keywords using a spreadsheet that projects the potential AdSense earnings each keyword would bring you with a #1 ranking.

Speaker. Steve Knight is a New Zealand based search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist who has a passion for helping people understand the importance and process of ranking. Steve has a background in business and Information Technology and has studied at both Griffith University and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He has worked and consulted for a large range of companies and industries including the Australian Federal Government.

Steve currently operates Search Position Limited, a successful, full service, SEO consulting firm representing a mixture of local and international companies. Possessing over ten years’ experience in general IT and specifically SEO, Steven has real insight and knowledge as to what is successful in the ever-changing field of today’s search engines.

What This Webinar Will Cover:

Page Contents & Links. We’ll discuss how the content on your site needs to be considered relevant by the search engines algorithm. More importantly, it needs to have links from other websites to be recognized as an authoritative source and how you can achieve this.

The Importance of Keywords. The biggest flaw in the “just write good content” argument and how you can select the right content and keywords that will make or break your success.

Keyword Research Explained. Once you have understood the importance of keyword selection Steven will teach you step by step how you can make the right choices that will position you to drive readers straight to your content.

On-Page Optimization. Learn the essential components that you should have on your web page to ensure your SEO success. On-page SEO involves placement of keywords in certain HTML elements: the title tag, the Meta description tag, the anchor text used in links, and the alt-text used in photos.

Understanding Backlinks. Learn the secrets of Google’s revolutionary PageRank engine and how to use this algorithm to your advantage. You’ll learn the main factors that determine the quantity and quality of the links you can attract naturally, and the ones that can be built… less naturally.

Understanding Competition. Some niches are more competitive than others, and within a particular niche, some keywords are more competitive than others. Evaluating the competitiveness of the keywords you’re planning to target is critical.

No matter your level of knowledge ‘The Complete Blueprint to Search Engine Success for Writers’  will help you succeed in driving quality readers to your content.