Building employee engagement is not a process. It’s about building actual, genuine conversations with your employees.

Are you and your employees talking about things that really matter?

As a business owner and C-Level executive of a company with millions of employees scattered around the globe, the more pressing question is: Do you have time to talk to your employees at all?

With your brimming email inbox and a full schedule of meetings set from Mondays to Fridays (and sometimes even during weekends), employee engagement tends to fall on middle management, because they have more interaction with the rest of the workforce and front liners.

But the reality is that even middle management tends to limit employee engagement to scheduled coaching sessions or even only when there is disciplinary action that requires attention.  And while each member of the organisation is busy with their own responsibilities, employee engagement ends up being just another task in someone’s list rather than an actual engagement.

Cue Social Media

Companies rely on the traditional form of internal communications such as email announcements, posts on the company intranet, or through town halls and annual company meetings.  And while these methods are effective for information dissemination, they are more effective for promoting compliance than nurturing actual engagement.

A study revealed that 84% of employees still receive company updates through email and company intranet, yet 74% of these respondents still feel that they are in the dark and left out of important company news and announcements.  Furthermore, 30% of these respondents have revealed that they ignore their employer’s emails.  This leaves a huge gap in communication from within the organisation.

So, why not communicate with your employees somewhere they are sure to read it?

The Hootsuite 2017 Digital Yearbook reports that there are 2.907 billion active social media users worldwide (3.20 million active social media users from New Zealand).  There is a very high chance that your employees are part of this statistic.  So why not leverage it to engage and nurture a social relationship with your employees?

Here are 3 reasons why you should use social media to build better employee engagement:

  1. Your Employees Want You to be on Social Media
    In The Social CEO: Executives Tell All, a newly released study by Weber Shandwick, it was found that 76% of executives believe that CEOs should be more active in social media.  In fact, 73% of executives who have social CEOs admit to actively following what their CEO is posting about. But the numbers don’t end there. 69% of the executives with social CEOs would like their CEOs to post more frequently and have even more activity on social media.  The respondents also felt that having a social CEO would help in enhancing the company reputation and demonstrating innovation.
  2. It Allows You to Connect with ALL Stakeholders
    A good social media strategy allows you to connect with employees, customers, and other stakeholders all in one go.  By sharing information, company updates and engaging your audience through social media, you are creating an ongoing online conversation where all of you are connected.Your employees will have a better idea of your customers’ raw emotions, thoughts, and feedback real time.  This can be used to drive employee performance because they are able to get a firsthand view of how their actions and services affect your customers.
  3. Your Employees Are Your Biggest Social Influencers
    Your employees know your company better than anyone.  This puts them in the best position to endorse your products and services.You want them to love your company so much that they will talk about it outside work. The best type of endorsement is one that is genuine and heartfelt.  This can only be achieved if your employees truly feel confident and happy with your company and your services that they will feel open to share it with the people whom they love the most.

Now To Put Things All Together

The wonderful thing about the internet is that you can start a worldwide conversation through social media.  Many companies leverage it to communicate and convert their target audience on a daily basis.  These same strategies can be applied to engage your employees, partners and other stakeholders who are crucial to your business, thereby allowing you to evolve into a truly social business.

Having Hootsuite Enterprise sit at the root of your existing communication infrastructure will ensure consistent enterprise-wide communication. You can now effectively reach out to your employees via Amplify, a simple mobile application that contains your content and let them pick the ones that are relevant and of interest to them. Best of all, they can share pre-approved content to their own social networks with just a few clicks.

Conversologie is the first Digital Services Partner in New Zealand. Contact us to learn more about Hootsuite’s Solutions and how it can help you move your business forward. 

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