Our daily lives are driven by human interaction. While some can be as simple and mundane as a polite greeting, the few that we end up remembering are often genuine and spontaneous. Strangely enough, it is through these genuine interactions that we end up meeting our friends (and even life-long companions).

This same principle applies to customer relationships. As a business owner, creating an experience for your customers that will make them feel valued and important can spell the difference between a one-time purchase or a long-term mutually profitable relationship.

In the digital marketing space, interacting with customers in a sincere and relevant manner can be challenging. While some have a clear understanding of what they need, others may need more time and guidance. To make it worse, typical marketing strategies often reduce the complexity of customer behaviour into a lifeless numbers game – forcing as many leads as possible into a linear marketing funnel. While such an approach may produce results on paper, this often leads to short-lived customer relationships at the cost of excess marketing spend.

Thankfully, modern software and marketing automation strategies have allowed today’s marketers to streamline customer interactions while remaining genuine and relevant. Instead of shoving your customers into a linear marketing funnel, it is now possible to create dynamic journeys that nurture customers and adapt to their ever-changing needs. When implemented properly, personalised customer journeys can breathe new life in your customer interactions, help you understand their different needs through data-driven analytics, and help you consistently provide what they need while saving you valuable time.

In this webinar conducted in partnership with Digital Boost NZ, Chief Conversologist Jam Mayer share her insights, techniques, and experience on how to establish genuine and mutually profitable relationships with your customers through effective use of personalised customer experience automation. 

Watching this webinar will show you how to:

  • Transform linear and transactional sales funnels into dynamic customer journeys that allow you to identify, record, and address each of your customers varying needs
  • Organically stimulate repeat business while remaining relevant and genuine to your customers through the use of ActiveCampaign and other digital tools
  • Automatically gather and utilise customer analytics to progressively improve your customer journeys, increase customer satisfaction, and stimulate business growth
  • Invest your marketing budget into long-term marketing campaigns rather than short-lived online advertising and social media boosts
  • Create social media content that will generate awareness, encourage regular consumption, and foster long-term customer retention

Watch Now: Digital Boost NZ Q&A: Personalised Customer Experience Automation

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