Chatbots for Business 

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Connecting to customers is getting harder. Low email open rates, ad blockers, resistance to telesales and SMS all add to the challenge.

Valuable time and resource can be soaked up responding to enquiries and day-to-day tasks that could be streamlined – even automated.

Join Chief Conversologist and entrepreneur Jam Mayer in this free webinar that will give you essential knowledge on the what, why and how of chatbots for business.



Save Time & Money

How a chatbot saves time and money by cutting down time on non-essential tasks

Boost Sales

How a chatbot can boost sales by nurturing, informing, and even closing customers

Your Options

What options you have and how much they cost


Chief Conversologist

Director of Conversologie and entrepreneur, Jam is deeply passionate about social media marketing, keeping ahead of the trends, and mastering the industry’s latest technologies and tools.

From her beginnings as a call centre director, actor, radio host, and professional blogger, through her journey into social media, to education and public speaking, Jam’s charm, upbeat style and depth of knowledge have earned her much respect in the industry.

In 2017 Jam was picked by social marketing icon Hootsuite to be their New Zealand ambassador and Digital Services Partner. Informally dubbed The Chatbot Queen at last year’s Social Media Conference in New Zealand, this year Jam is back to speak about Chatbots and Conversational Design.

Enjoy: her energy and flair will make you sit up and take notes.