About Us

When Jam Mayer made her first clicks in the digital world back in the early 2000s, she knew this was going to be for the long haul.  After more than a decade as a strategist, educator, and consultant, she founded Conversologie as an answer to a problem facing many businesses.

“How do we manage and grow our digital presence in a sustainable, efficient and effective way while maximising our revenue?”

With a team based here in New Zealand and abroad, we support our clients by providing them social media solutions with real life value, results, and growth to move forward.

Today, we are proud to be Hootsuite’s first Digital Services Partner in New Zealand. With this partnership, we can give businesses more powerful advice to maximise the use of Hootsuite’s solutions, help increase their revenue and draw meaningful insights from social media data.

We believe that every click should move you forward.

Jam Mayer

Our Name

Conversologie |kon-ver-so-lo-jie| is the art and science of designing sustainable digital engagement solutions through conversation.

The term Conversologie represents our mission and philosophy to build connections, foster collaboration and promote meaningful exchange through an innovative approach.

Our Culture

We are young, innovative, fun-loving and forward-thinking digital savvy professionals. We are sociable and highly personable, we are today’s connectors.

We are diverse, we are multicultural, we offer solutions from different perspectives. We believe in endless possibilities. We use our creativity to turn obstacles into opportunities.

We are customer-centric. We listen. We are involved. We value participative conversation and effective open communication.

In today’s world where human interaction intersects with technological advances, we believe that communication and emotional connection is critical to success. We embrace technology as enablers but we put people at the core of our culture.

We build and strengthen relationships. We nurture dialogues and exchanges. We add value. We promise fresh ideas and engaging solutions. We deliver.

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