Start customer conversations with Social Chatbot Marketing for your website or Facebook Messenger

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Dealing with customer enquiries.

Sick of answering the same questions over and over? Forget FAQs. Start a conversation!

Next level customer service.

People are choosing more and more to interact with businesses through private messaging. Make the experience great.

Nurture leads and make sales.

A well-crafted chatbot can do the same job as your sales team without the cost, guiding customers through the journey and even processing orders & payments.

This is the age of social media.

Your customer wants to talk – and to be heard! Let your chatbot have the conversation on your behalf.

At Conversologie, we have a team of social media professionals, developers, conversation designers and AI specialists who’ll make sure your chatbot delivers what your customers want.

What do you need?


We’ll build you a basic Facebook or website chatbot to welcome visitors, field customer enquiries, and take messages.

From $1500


We’ll create a Facebook or website chatbot that integrates with your online sales, forms, advertising, and more.

From $3000


We can create a chatbot that engages, listens, responds, and grows your business with AI learning and full integration.

Price on enquiry

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