Genuine customer relationships are crucial for long term business success.

“What’s your problem?” is always the first step towards providing a solution. Understanding the needs of the customer, helping them find answers, justifying their loyalty and letting them become advocates – there are no gimmicks or shortcuts to that kind of long-game marketing.

In this interactive webinar, Jam Mayer tells horror stories of marketing done badly and the minefield of client expectations; discusses the principles of the Conversologist, journeys, engagement, conversations, and the ultimate goal of customers who champion your product.

Ideal for marketing professionals and experienced business owners. 


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These Jam sessions (pun intended) aren’t the usual voice-over-powerpoint. The topic is there, but the audience sets the learning expectation and Jam facilitates learning and sharing that benefits everyone. 

A Discussion About…

The Conversologist





What would you like to learn today?


you are not the only one!

That sneaking suspicion that social media and digital shouldn’t be all about clickbait and vanity metrics? That’s the Conversologist in you. Jam gives an overview of her philosophy, from customer service learnings to rubbing intellects with the best in conversational marketing.


Imagine getting two million impressions and not making a single sale.

From horror stories to high fives, Jam shows how finding the right audience and progressing them through the journey to retention is a win for everyone.


Ad-hoc posting and same-same content, vanity metrics and policy violations. 

You may know which digital or social channels the customers are using, but what’s the game plan with your content calendar within an omnichannel approach – and how are you going to lock in the gains?


Personalised, responsive, timely, and in the audience’s language.

The right conversation at just the right moment is a big part of efficient, cost-effective and targeted marketing that gets results. Email, chatbots and machine learning. responsive landing pages and more.


“Hey Jam, can I just pick your brain …?”

So many of us are so busy that we lack the time for personal development even as the game is changing. Filling the gaps and finding the extra knowledge can supercharge even a team of one.

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Jam Mayer

Chief Conversologist

 Jam has been professionally active in the digital space for 20 years. She’s a conference speaker, digital strategist, chatbot consultant, and trainer. She is deeply passionate about social and digital media, and how to best use the new technologies that impact the human experience. Her motivation comes from a belief that genuine human interaction is always at the heart of a business, and that conversation is the key to long term relationships with customers.