Why Exams Don’t Light Up our Hippocampus and Video Games Do

Webinar Date: May 15, 2013

Time: 1 PM New Zealand

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Details: Interactive Video games invoke positive emotions and stimulate the hippocampus part of our brain, which is essential for learning new information.

On the other hand, people often find the learning and assessment process daunting. Using gamification techniques in online learning courses keep students motivated and positive.

In this Webinar you will learn:

1. Ways to provide learners with goals, rules, feedback and voluntary participation

2. Examples of motivation and progression loops in online courses

3. Moodle Learning Management System tools best suited for each player type (KSAE)

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a demonstration of Moodle courses using these techniques and see first-hand how to turn basic Moodle courses into powerful, compelling narratives and fully explore the power of eAssessment.

Plus, sign up to this webinar and you’ll receive a Moodle Tool Guide for Gamification”– which teaches you the tricks to create simple Moodle courses based on gamification. You will also receive one month enrolment in the demonstration courses and be entitled to download  *.mbz backup files ready to use in your own Moodle site.

Speaker. Natalie has found her niche in life is a combination of her technology skills and her passion for education as a tool for growth and empowerment. Her specialist areas are Moodle Learning Management System, Mobile Computing, Web Technologies, Google Apps and Indigenous Perspectives. She is currently managing two National VET Strategy  funded projects that push the boundaries of technology and mobile learning. In these projects, Gamification elements are used to motivate disengaged learners.  Natalie’s teaching methods are based on a constructivist approach to learning and exploring how eAssessment tools can transform traditional Assessment methods.

Natalie was bought up in the multi-cultural outer suburbs of Sydney. In 1984 her Maths class was not yet using calculators, yet she has watched the rapid expansion of computers, the Internet and Web 2 unfold the last 30 years.  Natalie, now enjoys the slower paced small town life. Life is a balance between raising a family and envisioning how to harness the potential of new technologies.

If you’re looking to create motivating and engaging online courses – then this webinar is for you!