Building sustainable connections through meaningful and convivial interaction.


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Engaging with your clients, whether external or internal, goes beyond establishing connections, it requires interaction. In an attention economy like the present, where abundance of information in our society creates scarcity of thought and consideration, companies compete for time and attention as brands battle for awareness.


At Conversologie, we recognize that the stirring and enthralling power of games and its ability to form habits can be a viable solution to captivate attention. We harness the innovative approach of Gamification to produce positive emotions, build social relationships, and create a sense of belonging to a community, as well as a sense of purpose and accomplishment.


Gamification is the application of game elements and techniques, as well as game psychology in non-game context to render products, services or experience more fun, engaging and motivating.



Whether your objective is to create and retain brand loyalty, drive marketing performance and enhance productivity, boost workplace motivation or promote quality education, health and wellness or sustainable development, our expert conversologists are ready to design social engagement solutions destined to help you attain your goals, every step of the way.


We will help you analyse your current business context, define and determine your target “players” and conceptualise a gamified method to transform and shape behaviours by altering and structuring environmental conditions. You can count on us to create enthusiasm and trigger behaviours that produce results.