Promoting your product or service through social media is an excellent way to expand your reach and attract more customers, especially in the midst of the current pandemic. However, managing the different needs and questions these same customers can potentially ask can be very overwhelming and time-consuming.

The instant nature of social media platforms have significantly shortened the amount of time a customer is willing to wait for a response. Being late at a reply – even by just a few hours – is more than enough to miss a sale from potential customers. Given this challenge, is there a way for business owners to quickly and consistently give their customers the information they need without staring at their social media accounts for 24 hours straight?

One potential solution is integrating chatbots into the marketing strategy of your business.

Chatbots have been around for some time and are already being used by major companies such as Air New Zealand (featuring their chatbot, Oscar). However, the reception customers have had with these chatbots has arguably been mixed. Among the most common complaints is the general dislike people have with interacting with a bot. This usually stems from the frustration of not being understood, and the time this wastes from the customer’s perspective.

Benefits of Chatbot Marketing

There are plenty of benefits for implementing social media chatbots into your business. However, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind:

First, integrating chatbots into your business does not automatically translate to the complete elimination of human interaction with your customers. Rather, effective chatbot implementation is usually done as a means to support existing human-led customer support processes.

For example, frequently asked questions that can be easily answered with factual information is an area of inquiry that a chatbot can easily manage. Some examples would be stating your business hours, giving basic shipping information, or suggesting similar products that a customer might be interested in. From there, customers who have more complex inquiries, such as the specific date their purchased product would arrive at their doorstep, can then be promptly escalated to a human representative. This strategy allows customers with simple inquiries to get the information they need quickly. At the same time, customers with more complex inquiries can get the specific answers they need faster by eliminating the common solutions a human representative would typically suggest first.

Second, given the instant and automated nature of chatbots, designing conversation flows that immediately identify and address general inquiries can actually make these more effective at assisting customers than their human counterparts.

During the New Zealand Social Media Conference held in 2019, rather than relying on several human ushers to answer questions and guide participants, the organisers decided to try something new. Enter Jenda (a playful personification of the word “agenda”) – a chatbot specifically designed assist participants within seconds of sending a Facebook message.

Through carefully designed conversation flows, Jenda was able to guide participants towards their preferred talks and classes, show where the restrooms were, and even tell at which time the bar would start serving alcoholic beverages. Additionally, Jenda was also programmed to candidly gather feedback regarding the talks and classes attendees have already participated in

The data the organisers were able to gather from Jenda allowed them to progressively improve her responses as well as introduce changes that helped the succeeding days of the conference proceed more smoothly. All in all, Jenda proved to be an efficient, playful, and cost-effective alternative to managing large scale events like 2019’s Social Media Conference.

Interested in learning more about Jenda? Get a behind-the-scenes look at the work that went into creating this fun and helpful chatbot.

There are numerous ways chatbots can supercharge your business, from streamlining how you address customer inquiries and issues, driving conversations into conversions, to cultivating brand loyalty by providing consistent customer satisfaction. In this webinar conducted in partnership with Digital Boost NZ, our Chief Conversologist Jam Mayer will share her expertise in creating and integrating chatbots into businesses. She will also discuss how to create personalised and effective conversation flows for your chatbots based on the customer journey of your business.

Watching this webinar will show you how to:

  • Explore the different ways a chatbot can help you manage your business, from booking appointments to providing quotes and product suggestions
  • Implement basic chatbot functionality through popular platforms like Facebook Messenger and Instagram
  • Create the foundation of your chatbot by identifying the appropriate personality that it should adopt, as well as its overall objective for your business
  • Integrate payment solutions into your chatbot to improve conversion rates and sales
  • Create meaningful conversation flows that will allow your chatbot to address common inquiries, identify qualified leads, and improve customer engagement

Watch Now: Digital Boost NZ Q&A: Basics of Chat Marketing with Facebook and Instagram

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Learn how to create your very own chatbot superstar with Conversologie

Conversologie is a ManyChat Agency Partner and has extensive experience in creating purpose-built chatbots for different New Zealand businesses. If you are interested in learning more about chatbots, their social chatbot marketing series is an excellent way to learn how to create your own chatbot superstar to supercharge your business – all without supervision!

Ollie – Conversologie’s quirky and helpful chatbot – would be more than happy to show you:

  • The fundamentals of creating a helpful, intuitive, and likable chatbot for your business
  • How to fine tune your chatbot based on your business objectives
  • The nitty gritty of chatbot marketing through Chief Conversologist Jam Mayer’s free webinar series