Hootsuite X Conversologie

#hootconsmm was a success! Hoot-con-smm what? It stands for Hootsuite and Conversologie Social Media Meetup. It was Hootsuite’s first event in New Zealand and where we launched to be the world’s most widely used social media platform’s first Digital Services Partner in the country!

Rich Meiklejohn, Hootsuite General Manager, APAC, said: “With this partnership, Conversologie will work to expand Hootsuite’s existing customer base in New Zealand and directly support the market’s growth, help businesses increase revenue, and draw meaningful insights from social media data.”

Conversologie Founder and Chief Conversologist, Jam Mayer said, “We are honoured to become Hootsuite’s first digital services partner in New Zealand. This means we can give businesses more powerful advice to maximise the use of Hootsuite’s solutions, as well as great ideas to transform the potential of their businesses.”

We kicked off the partnership by inviting social media leaders in the country – Cassie Roma of NZME, Amar Trivedi of BCF Dentsu, Adi Wickramaratne of St John New Zealand, and Ashley Penning of Hootsuite to share their insights on Social Media ROI.

A cross-industry recognised event

Hootsuite x Conversologie Social Media Meetup had around 70 people in attendance from different industries in the corporate space, universities, and digital agencies and some were tweeting quotes from the speakers with the official event hashtag #hootconsmm. We were all stoked when the hashtag started trending!

Some would expect an event with a serious topic to be boring and stiff – but we “nailed it” (borrowed from Cassie’s feedback on the night)! The speakers gave their own flavour to their presentations and the panel discussion had its own spice when we had a marketing assistant ask advice on how to “achieve ROI” on his personal Tinder dates blog. Boring? Nah.


Overall, everyone had a hoot at the meetup! We felt the love after the event from Cassie writing her ‘inspired’ blog post about #socialroi and Leslie’s post on LinkedIn.

Leslie Taylor Hootsuite Conversologie Meetup

Credit: Leslie Taylor

The overwhelming feedback hasn’t stopped yet as of this writing and we’d like to thank everyone who joined us to celebrate this milestone. Hootsuite Conversologie Tweet Attendee If you missed the event, you can check out the gallery and tweets below to enjoy! For a more formal approach to share this story – here’s our official press release. You can also find it at Scoop Business.

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