The Biggest Trends in Social for 2022

How NZ Businesses are Putting them into Action​

In our interactive panel we’ll break down the five social media trends, why they matter, and discuss how local organisations have put them into action to drive business success. You’ll also be left with some quick wins for each trend that you can implement right now to drive your success on social.

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In Hootsuite’s Social Trends 2022 Report, we presented the results of our sixth annual report on global social media trends. Based on our global survey of 18,100 marketers, interviews with industry experts, and exhaustive market research, Hootsuite’s Social Trends 2022 report outlines five major trends shaping social media in 2022.

But simply knowing the trends isn’t enough, that’s why for Techweek we brought together experts from Hootsuite, Conversologie, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, and Intergen to discuss how New Zealand organisations have put the social trends into action.

Introduction & Social Trends Overview

Panel Discussion

Q&A + Wrap Up

Sijia Perry BCF


Customer Success Manager | Hootsuite

Jam Mayer Headshot 2019


Chief Conversologist | Conversologie

Sijia Perry BCF


Digital Marketing Consultant | Intergen

Sijia Perry BCF


Digital Content Coordinator | Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra