Humanising Your Bot: Why, How, and Watch Out!

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Hosted by Rew Shearer and Jam Mayer

Hear the discussion from copywriter, voice actor and marketer Rew Shearer as he talks through the why, how, and watch out! of chatbot personality in this short live webinar co-hosted by Chief Conversologist Jam Mayer.


One of the hardest elements of creating a chatbot is personality. Building a chatbot can be easy. But getting the conversation right is hard. Do you even need a personality for your chatbot – and why?

How do you create personality? The importance of emotion and fallibility. What are the basic elements of being human? How do you know which ones to use, and to what level?

What comes after a humanised script? The beginnings of interactive personality elements – how and what’s next?

The potential of truly personalised chatbots. Human well-being in quality of life applications for the future.

The ethics of personality. How far can AI go and when do we pull the plug?


Senior Content Conversologist


Rew Shearer s a senior radio copywriter for NZME in Auckland New Zealand. With more than thirty years’ experience in radio scripting and advertising, Rew has recently picked up his ‘senior internship’ learning social media marketing and chatbots, and here brings those two skill sets together.


Chief Conversologist

Jam Mayer is entrepreneur and director of Conversologie, a social media marketing agency based here in New Zealand. With a background in computer science, marketing, education and social media, Jam has been designing, building and scripting chatbots for a number of years.