Lead Generation & Sales

We converse with your potential customers and bring them to your door.

Don’t miss a potential customer opportunity!

You’ve posted your promotional message to your followers inviting them to visit your store. You’ve spent so much time getting the right content on your social channels. But it  doesn’t seem to be working and your sales haven’t sky-rocketed.

Do these sound familiar?

Pushing messages and waiting for them to inquire is a ‘reactive’ way of doing business on social.

It’s time to be more proactive and capture leads that are ready to buy.

  • Reach potential customers while they are still near your store
  • Converse (in a non-spammy way) to offer your discounts, promotions or even a freebie
  • Answer questions about your products before your competitor does
We have the solution to help you find social posts that matter to your business!

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