With gamification gaining global popularity as an effective strategy in building and maintaining audience engagement in marketing, human resources, and educational fields, five gamification conversologists from Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Singapore and Romania will lead a series of live webinars on this hot topic.

The Gamification Bootcamp 2013 will take place online on May 15 and 16. In this eye-opening webinar series, participants will gain insights on various facets of gamification, giving access to tried and tested tips on everything from building communities, improving training and education programs, retaining and monetizing customers, using content-driven gamification, and a lot more.

“The Brain on Games” explores how gamification can enhance learning in education and training. Conducted by e-learning expert Natalie Denmeade, this webinar is best for educators, instructional designers, and corporate trainers. (May 15, 1pm New Zealand Time)

“Captivating Marketing” exposes digital marketers and social media professionals to content marketing methods for gamification. It will be led by Alban Villani, director of The Forever Young Group. (May 15, 3pm New Zealand Time)

In “Turbo Drive,” NLP Architect Alina Tudorache integrates techniques in NLP (neurolinguistic programming) with gamification to help boost employee motivation. Human resource professionals will benefit most from this webinar. (May 16, 5am New Zealand Time)

Veteran game developer Chris Blackbourn reveals how best practices in the casual game industry can be used in generating customer interest and retaining customer engagement, through his webinar “Retaining Players.” (May 16, 1030am New Zealand Time)

For his webinar, “Terms of Engagement,” Manuel Lemos of shares how gamification techniques can be used to build and grow robust and active web communities. Professionals involved in online community development will find this webinar insightful. (May 16, 2pm New Zealand Time)

“Through our Gamification Bootcamp, we’re encouraging professionals from varied industries to learn from each other,” says chief business conversologist Jam Mayer. “Games are universal. The element of fun is universal. So even if you’re a digital marketer or a human resources manager, you might find inspiration in a gamified system created by a teacher for the classroom setting, and vice-versa.”

We are now accepting registrations for its featured webinars. The registration fee for one webinar is NZ$50. Registrants have the option, however, of registering for all five webinars for a discounted total of NZ$200.

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