In a new update, Hootsuite has just revealed two fine-tunes to its already-godlike omnipotence over social media posts and streams. Here they are, in a tasty nutshell of publish-envy goodness.

Schedule and publish LinkedIn video

The first is the ability to schedule and post video to LinkedIn. Acknowledging perhaps that the once-staid business networking site is the next powerhouse of social connections, Hootsuite is giving its users this new ability, according to LinkedIn itself, video sees five times the engagement than other types of content.

Hootsuite’s ability to compose posts across the major social channels – adding tracking, shortening links, editing media and more all from one easy-to-navigate dashboard – seriously makes it the preferred utility belt of the social superhero. (You’re probably reading this blog courtesy of a quick Hootsuite compose-and-schedule. Oh, and we know where you saw it, too.)

Mention Users and Pages in posts

In another smart tweak, Hootsuite has added the ability to insert mentions in posts on LinkedIn, too. Now, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn users are all automatically recognised by their native channel and will appear as a hyperlink in the post.

hootsuite linkedin mention update

Outside of the native channel, the @mention will appear as text – business as usual. But in-channel, this addition to Hootsuite’s skill set will add huge potential value, with extended reach and engagement, to its clients’ posts and shares.

All the win you can handle

If it’s not already obvious, at Conversologie we’re big fans of Hootsuite. It makes managing social media – scheduled, live, and history – so much easier, and they just keep upping the experience.

You can talk to our Chief Conversologist Jam Mayer for her views on Hootsuite – yep, she’s big on it! – and she can get you set up in no time.