Loyalty & Retention

We find and converse with the right influencers for your brand.

Keep your customers loyal. Reward ecstatic ambassadors!

It’s not rocket science to know that happy customers are loyal. It’s the ecstatic ones that a business needs to keep that excitement going.

There are random social posts and there are ‘branded’ social posts. The difference? The latter is posted by those who take time to comment and place your products along with your branding in a post. Plus they publish more than once.

Don’t miss the opportunity to find them near your area and reward them for being great ambassadors.

  • Search and engage with loyal customers within the vicinity of your store
  • Invite and reward ambassadors with exclusive perks


Find the right influencer to expand your reach!

Your ambassadors are doing great but there is a special few that can turn things around – making your business even more visible. More visibility means growth.

Find the influencers which can get your brand to more people. A single raving social post can get more ‘eyeballs’ to your brand.

We have the solution to help you find raving ambassadors that matter to your business!

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