We give you the data to target the right audience for your business.

Remove the guesswork and do precision marketing!

Are you a newbie marketer still doing “shotgun marketing” to capture a broad audience to push your message? Are you still using what could be the keywords and hashtags your target market is using when posting on social? What if you want to be more local? What if you need to do market research in a specific city?

We know that not all businesses create regional social profiles. How about franchise owners? You wouldn’t know how to begin to convince them to create their social profiles and do the necessary data gathering and follow company marketing campaigns up to that level.

This is where location based social marketing comes in.

  • Identify keywords and hashtags specific to your business’ location
  • Know potential and actual unique user reach and trends in the area
  • Determine viability of a market in a future location
  • Know which platform to use to push your message based on trends
  • Find local influencers who can help you amplify your message to the right target

We have the solution to help you push your marketing message to a very specific target market and that matters to your business.

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