At Conversologie HQ, we’re celebrating.

Last month we signed a partnership with AI bot builder, Ako AI. This game-changing collaboration brings an exciting opportunity, not only to create AI-powered chatbots but to be at the cutting edge of voice bot development as well. A whirlwind of emotions you say? Yup, exactly!

In their interactions with brands and businesses, customers – including you and me – now expect instant answers and a flawless personalised service. Anything less, and they’re off – usually to the next business off the rank. The opportunity to win the lead is momentary, and the market is unforgiving.

Cue the chatbot. The dependable, helpful, savvy, instantly-responding customer service superstar. Our Chief Conversologist Jam Mayer saw their potential some years back, and we have built some butt-kicking, lead-converting chatbots that are cutting the workloads and boosting the bottom line of our clients this very moment.

The rise of the machine

Terminator’s ominous title is a lot less forbidding as we see 2019 being the year of the chatbot. Smartly built bots are fast becoming a business essential; but customer demand is also driving the growth of chatbots built with artificial intelligence to respond, learn, and understand the customer in ways we haven’t seen before.

We’re also seeing the rise of voice bots that listen and respond – and learn – with agility and insight. This is where Ako AI and Conversologie’s partnership will hit its stride. In fact, this demand for leading social chatbot marketing was a key factor as to why we dove straight into this partnership.

The benefits of simple chatbots are obvious enough. But what about an AI-powered chatbot? Ako AI is exploring that potential even now, using their experience and knowledge of AI technology to create seamless and scalable bots that are as resilient, resourceful and dependable as any sales hero.


Ako AI Process Flow

Social Chatbot Marketing

As more and more businesses adopt chatbots as part of their sales funnel, the small differences will become ever more crucial. The old adage it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it has been true for salespeople and vendors throughout history; now it becomes the battle cry of the bot.

That’s Conversologie’s forte. Successfully marketing a brand, solving a customer’s needs, closing a sale is as much about how you make them feel as it is solving their problem. Engaging, assisting, entertaining: three key ingredients for a winning chatbot experience (we can throw in fun media like GIFs or memes into the mix too). In fact, you can try out one of our chatbot sequences here.

Delegating tasks to a chatbot – such as taking initial enquiries, helping customers choose which product or service is right, or even placing an order and making payment, is the smart way to streamline your business and free up time.

Using Conversologie’s chatbot-building service, or signing up for our fine-tune optimisation ensures not just an effective chatbot that sets and meets business objectives, but an agile and capable assistant that will handle an increasing workload as the business grows.


Join us: the future looks amazing

Being on board as a Conversologie customer means that you will have first option on the exciting new possibilities of Artificial Intelligence chatbot technology. Our collaboration with Ako AI will help ensure that all our clients can benefit from a power partnership that combines social marketing excellence with market-leading technology.

The possibilities? Picture a personal chatbot whose recommendations and guidance are as trusted and accurate as that of a close friend.

To discuss how our chatbot service will benefit your business, book a personal consultation with our Chief Conversologist Jam Mayer.