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Ako AI practice is to focus on design and deployment of AI driven conversational technology on digital channels and call centres to automate workflow, reduce the cost of provision and most importantly, deliver a more satisfying user experience.

Ako AI practice is to be somewhat agnostic about the toolsets used. With experience in most of the widely used technologies, Ako AI achieves project objectives in a way that involves low risk and good ROI.

The Ako AI team is pragmatic and easy to work with.

The Online Business Academy is an Education provider and Event Promoter of Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing. We are a Social Media & Digital learning organisation with a passion for teaching people how to maximise their business online.

We motivate, coach, educate and facilitate workshops and conferences both online and in person. Our people and partners are Industry experts. Our aim is to deliver valuable content and advice to grow your business on the web.