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the starter package includes…

  • Standard Welcome message
  • Place it on your website and Facebook
  • Gallery of services/ products, FAQs or other info
  • Conversation flow from seasoned copywriters and developers for bot character and engagement

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  • Integration into a cloud-based sales tool (CRM, email marketing, etc.)
  • Integration of your Conversation Flow into Facebook Ads
  • Marketing funnel to increase your subscribers from a lead magnet
  • Integrate a Messenger Code to one of your Conversation Flows


Why buy a conversologie chatbot?

Chatbots are a great tool for fielding enquiries and taking orders, but used

really well, they become part of your marketing – helping build a

relationship with your customer, even to establish your brand.


A well-made chatbot is helpful, intuitive, likeable, even fun – so your

business is well represented to your potential customers.


We can create a chatbot that lives, breathes and speaks your business.

At Conversologie, the more chatbots we build, the more

we understand their potential. And we don’t just keep that knowledge

to ourselves!

We love sharing the building process with our clients.

It helps us create a chatbot that is the best it can be, while we

continue to refine our skills as social chatbot marketers. We even have

partners in Artificial Intelligence for truly smart, cutting edge chatbots.

AI chatbots don’t need buttons: they are designed to respond

to normal written conversation, and even learn better responses over


here are some of our happy clients

Career Matters

This basic chatbot qualifies leads and answers queries.

Our Christchurch NZ client wanted a simple chatbot that helped qualify leads and answer the most common easy-to-answer questions – to free her own time up for the important things. The language of this flow targets young people and their parents, introducing them to Career Matters’ service and process and helping them find a purchase option.

Perfection Chocolates

This is a complete browse-and-buy customer service chatbot.

Based in Sydney, Australia, this was a more complicated chatbot designed to guide customers from the Facebook page through a browse and buy process. The bot will help customers choose their delicious purchase, take their order and even facilitate the online sale and delivery details.


This very simple lead generating chatbot calculated the potential saving for businesses. 

An accounting business that combines overseas outsourcing with automation used a chatbot to let prospects discover their own potential savings. Our team gave the chatbot some personality, simplified and clarified the language, and suggested additional chat flows and integrations to improve performance.


In our partnership with enterprise developer Ako.AI, this bot required our input for cultural sensitivity.

MyRivr helps people find services, everything from relationship counselling to budget advice. The chatbot’s name, personality, script, and even elements of technical flow (e.g. gender discovery needed to include 3+ categories) had to be adjusted. Consideration had to be given to the expectations and needs of minority and cultural groups.

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