We saw a great turnout at the social media training session in Waitakere Community Centre on June 12. We were ecstatic to find such a wide community of social media users in the area. They were keen in learning how to use social media to their advantage.

Social media training takeaways 

The session contained loads of tips and recommended practices for delivering messages. The attendees felt they received a lot of value in such a short span and agreed to recommend it to their own friends. Here are some of the valuable things they were able to take away:
  • How to create content based on a specific persona
  • Using tools such as Likealyzer to improve your Facebook page
  • How to create and post panoramic videos on Facebook
  • How to customise your URL
  • Getting advocates to work for your business
  • How to use Hootsuite to be more productive and efficient

Social media training Conversologie


A step-by-step social media walkthrough

It was the perfect opportunity to raise questions and gain unique insights. The session consisted of a warm, open environment. It was conducted by a more-than-capable team of ladies from Conversologie. Thanks to the team, the attendees were able to address their hesitations. Our chief Conversologist, Jam Mayer provided some great solutions. One of the attendees even had this to say about her:
“Jam was a great presenter, knowledgeable, humorous and approachable. It was a very comfortable learning environment and did not feel intimidating at all despite the topic being outside of some people’s comfort zone. Great value course also. Thanks for offering it.”


Getting comfortable with social media

With all these positive remarks, it’s definitely safe to say that the entire session was a success. We can’t wait for more opportunities like this one.
Once you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage your social media channels, all that’s left is to watch your organisation grow. We’d love to help you do that. Book us for a training session to help your cause and we’ll get you equipped!
Written by Gel Patino | 16 August 2018