Social Customer Relationship Management


Social Customer Relationship Management

Markets are conversations and consumers have taken control. 


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Everyday, across the globe brands are the subject of multiple conversations and must constantly struggle to ensure that their voices are heard. In a world where information travels at the speed of light and where social interaction intertwines with digital technology, communication serves as our social fabric and conversations are the true currency of our economy.


Faced with increasingly well-informed, demanding and outspoken consumers, companies must move from a purely transactional approach to one that focuses on relationships and conversations. Here at Conversolgie, we offer Social Customer Relationship Management solutions that will amplify your voice and favor word-of-mouth. Our strategies will help you turn your customers into brand ambassadors and enthusiastic evangelists.



Social Customer Relationship Management is a philosophy and a business strategy designed to enable companies to engage with their clients in a collaborative conversation in order to create a mutually beneficial value in a trusted and transparent business environment. It allows businesses to take a proactive stance in a customer-dominated market conversation.


Whether you are looking for someone to manage your online brand reputation and visibility, generate qualified leads and understand their preferences, improve your customer retention rates or ensure quality customer service, we are ready to design solutions that work. Count on us to create value, build trust through transparency, guarantee relevance and reactivity as well as ensure brand message consistency.