Training & Workshops with Jam Mayer:

Learn fast, get results.


Having been in social media since the early 2000s, Jam has presented hundreds of webinars, workshops and training sessions, and has been lecturer at tertiary institutes including University of Auckland, Unitec, AUT, NZIE, and noted business organisations including EMA and The Icehouse.

Jam’s approach is practical and hands-on – using your own business account – teaching skills and techniques that you can immediately put into action.

Workshop durations range from ½ day to 2 days.

Employers & Manufacturers Association is the recognised champion of New Zealand business, and is partnering with key industry players to bring you the latest training in technology, digital media and digital marketing.

Jam Mayer has been chosen to lead EMA’s social media and Hootsuite training curriculum.


Social Media Marketing (...)

A crash course in the top social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram; how to choose which one best fits your marketing strategy, and best practice on how to optimise your content. Get practical knowledge you can implement straight away. 

Social Media Marketing with Hootsuite Certification (...)

On top of learning the basics of Social Media Marketing, you will also get a Hootsuite Certification along with a badge that you can share and post on online profiles. Not only will it show your Hootsuite expertise, but you will also be listed in the Hootsuite Certified Professionals Directory so employers can easily find you.

Content Marketing Strategy (...)

Get practical hands-on training in the fundamentals around planning, creating, curating, sharing and scheduling content that is targeted to your ideal audience, gets engagement, and accelerates your business towards its objectives.

Social Chatbot Marketing (...)

Aside from fielding inquiries and taking orders, gain the full value of chatbots by making them a part of your marketing process – building the relationship with your customer, even establishing your brand.

Basics of Chatbot Design (...)

Get step-by-step, practical training in how to develop a basic chatbot conversation flow; learn how to build your own working chatbot including basic AI functionality.

Scripting Chatbot Conversations (...)

When it comes to chatbots, getting the conversation right is just as important as developing the flow. Learn the essential qualities of creating a chatbot with personality in order to create a more engaging experience.

Chatbot Marketing and Ad Integration (...)

Get practical instruction in setting up marketing funnels and advertising strategies that let your chatbot qualify leads, take queries, and build your database.

Lead Generation Set Up & Strategy (...)

Learn hands-on how to create a set-and-forget digital strategy to attract and nurture customers, integrating social platforms and content to improve efficiency and meet your objectives.

Facebook Ads Set up Basics (...)

The #1 social channel can deliver impressive results. Learn hands-on about setting up audiences, ads, testing and tuning copy and images, and reviewing the analytics, for immediate impact.



Up to 12 attendees can join a live online training workshop with screen sharing and step by step guidance through the chosen topic. Online workshops are broken into 2 hour sessions.  


Up to 20 attendees can join our hands-on workshop with practical learning, skill development and personal coaching.

From content strategy to chatbots to ads, just being in the space isn’t enough.

You need to be ahead.



Jam Mayer

Chief Conversologist


  • NZ Hootsuite Digital Services partner and ambassador
  • Passionate about social media marketing
  • Early adopter, ahead of trends
  • Began in social media as blogger in early 2000s
  • Introduced webinar concept to Philippine market
  • Past committee member and MC of Social Media Club Auckland
  • Founder and organiser of NZ Bloggers Network
  • Regular speaker at Social Media Conference NZ other events
  • Regular tutor for NZ tertiary institutes
  • Highly respected for the style and content of her training and workshops

As a Conversologist, Jam Mayer’s motivation for social media is that every conversation moves you forward.

Rew Shearer

Senior Content Conversologist


  • Senior radio copywriter at NZME Auckland
  • 30+ years scriptwriting, ad strategy, marketing
  • Regular guest speaker and lecturer at media schools
  • Owned and marketed own business Turo-Turo Philippine Cafe 2010-2016
  • Voice actor for radio, IVR voice for Pizza Hut phone system

Rew aims to bring humour, fun and a big dose of nerd power to any learning environment.


Jam is my mentor when it comes to webinars. I would not have learned and explored its potential to the fullest if not for her patient guidance.

Janette Toral

Program Co-Director, Asian Institute of E-Commerce

Jam is highly knowledgeable about social media and has a great understanding of how the end user may experience it. She initially provided a great workshop to my team about social media networking and was very clear and concise in her messages. From there she ran a couple of workshops for Unitec staff and students/grads (on online branding and reputation) and this was extremely well received – she facilitated (rather the directed) the learnings and introduced many new concepts and ideas. She is an engaging and thoughtful facilitator and I would definitely recommend her as a expert in the field of social media.

Andrew Tui

Employability Manager, Otago Polytechnic Auckland

I attended Jam’s recent workshop for Career Consultants, to help us maximise our, and our clients’, use of social media. I thought we’d just have a twiddle with LinkedIn, but no! This was a dynamic, fun and fast-paced introduction to the ever-changing world of online social contact. Thanks for opening my eyes, Jam! Looking forward to the next one.

Jennie Miller

President, Career Development Association New Zealand

Jam is a great facilitator and introduced us the advantages/disadvantages of some social networks and importance of using them to increase our online brand. She is an excellent mentor and trainer.

Alisha Singh

HR Advisor, Te Whanau O Waipareira

As a Hootsuite Ambassador, Jam has displayed the knowledge required to develop and execute successful social media strategies. Jam joins a select group of individuals and online networkers who are passionate about social media, enjoy sharing their knowledge and insight, and take part in both online and offline events which have helped us grow Hootsuite to where we are today.

Crystal Jiang

Customer Success Manager, Hootsuite

Jam started at NZIE as a Digital Marketing Tutor in 2016 and teaches our Diploma in Digital Marketing (Applied) (Level 7) programme. When she first started she had to take over a class from another tutor part way through a course. Jam was up for the challenge and soon won-over her students, quickly gaining their trust and respect. The evaluations completed on her teaching are outstanding and her students clearly enjoy Jam’s approach to teaching, including the applied and practical methods she uses, along with her friendly, motivating and engaging style. 

Ruth Cooper

Director, New Zealand Institute of Education

Jam taught us Content Marketing and Media at NZIE. Enjoyed her interactive and engaging teaching style – we had role games, contests, discussions and practical tasks, which is essential for digital marketing students and makes studying and learning a way easier! Besides, Jam is a super easy going, communicative and approachable person, and talented marketer. It was exciting to have a tuned in industry expert as a teacher! Would totally recommend Jam as a great communicator, digital marketer, and tutor.

Natalia Mileshkina

Digital Marketing Student, New Zealand Institute of Education

Knows her stuff, organised, switched on, to the point clear communication – These are all correct descriptors of Jam. We used Jam to teach us while actually setting up our webinar process. It was a great experience. Professional. Delivered on time and beyond expectation.

Mike O'Hagan

Founder, MiniMovers

I had the opportunity to get to know Jam over ten weeks of content marketing class. She was one of a few teachers who had it all. She is very knowledgeable in her field and most importantly know how to communicate this knowledge to others in both fun and interactive way. I can highly recommend Jam as a person, as a teacher and expert professional.

Jindřich Fixa

Digital Marketing Student, New Zealand Institute of Education