Virtual Events


Virtual Events

An opportunity to leverage your engagement strategies through an emerging social custom.


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Online media has changed the business landscape and how brands communicate. Global competition and recent economic climate require companies to find new solutions to traditional business practices to be more effective, engaging and cost-efficient.


At Conversologie, we are steadfast in leveraging new media technology. We offer the possibility of organizing virtual events to enhance your global reach, develop your human capital, and ensure engagement and social interaction without the enormous expense.


Virtual events are web-based interactions between individuals that enlist the power of technology to create a digital environment and enable participants to collaborate, network and share information.


Whether your goal is to cut cost on physical meetings, increase the reach of your event and expand its lifecycle, eliminate geographical constraints and reduce environmental impact, spend less time traveling and increase productivity, generate leads and improve data capturing and tracking or establish thought leadership, we are prepared to provide you with engaging virtual event solutions that best fit your business needs.


From strategic planning, to identifying the best vendors, to organizing corporate training, webcast, webinar or slidecast, you can rely on Conversologie to deliver digital strategies that suit the personality and interaction styles of your target audience.