A significant part of running a business involves the quest for untapped potential — every single employee in your company.
In this blog post, we will address the importance of tapping one key aspect of your business. Not only will we reveal it to you, but we will teach you how to upscale your marketing efforts. Use it to improve engagement and increase reach on your social media channels.

Employees: Untapped Potential

Think about it this way. Each of your employees is a potential ambassador of your business. Each employee has their own network. Each network is made up of family, friends, and past co-workers. This means every member of their network is now a potential customer.
Employees can advertise any piece of content. From job openings to new product releases to event announcements to special promotions. But hey will only advertise your product if they believe in your vision and mission. In the most basic sense, they need to believe in you.

Employees: Best Assets

You can start by treating your employees as your best assets. Without performing this first step, all the following steps won’t even matter. If you’re not already doing this, take this advice from Simon Sinek.
“The only variable is the conditions inside the organization, and that’s where leadership matters because it’s the leader that sets the tone. When a leader makes the choice to put the safety and lives of the people inside the organization first, to sacrifice their comforts and sacrifice the tangible results, so that the people remain and feel safe and feel like they belong, remarkable things happen.”

Employee Advocacy

Once you’ve formed trust and cooperation between you and your employees, start sharing content with them. Encourage them to share content on their own social media channels. This concept of “Employee Advocacy” is incredibly powerful for many reasons.
  1. The employee’s opinion is more likely to be trusted because they work directly with the business. 
  2. Their total audience reach is wider. A user has an average of 200 friends on Facebook and 60 followers on Twitter.
  3. Think of it as “Social Selling”. Connect with your employees by providing them content they are actually interested in or relate to. Get them to speak about it to their friends, and their friends’ friends.


Recommended Tool

If you’re interested in starting an employee advocacy, take advantage of the tools available online. Our personal choice is Hootsuite Amplify.  The Government of UK seems to think so too, with this statement,
“Hootsuite Amplify is an incredibly effective solution for employee advocacy that allows your employees to share their companies marketing messages to their own social networks, stay connected to your mission, and increase your brand’s reach.”
Its features include an easy-to-use mobile app, a single dashboard to manage all social messaging and amplification, a tracker for top-performing posts, internal messaging functionality, and the ability to send employees scheduled content.
Get ready to increase your social reach, connect with your employees, increase talent acquisition, and promote key campaigns.
To start using Amplify, you’ll first need to get the Hootsuite Enterprise plan.  
We’re totally up to speed on Hootsuite in case you have any technical concerns. You’ll be safe in our hands since we’re Hootsuite’s first and only official services partner in New Zealand.