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Powerful social media tools that drive real results for your business.

As Hootsuite’s only New Zealand Digital Services Partner, we help organisations build enduring customer relationships at scale.​

Conversologie is proud to be Hootsuite’s only New Zealand Digital Services Partner.

Hootsuite’s powerful social media tools simplify social marketing, accelerate social commerce, and streamline customer service – all from one dashboard. As their number one partner in New Zealand for all things social media, Conversologie can help your organisation harness the power of Hootsuite for greater social reach. We engage, nurture and retain your customers with targeted marketing strategies that drive business growth.

Over 18 million users in 175+ countries trust Hootsuite to expand their reach through social media management, customer care, social selling and so much more.

Hoo’s Ready To Learn More About Hootsuite?

You may be wondering “what’s Hootsuite?”

Hootsuite launched as the world’s first social media management platform back in 2008, and has remained at the forefront of social media innovation ever since. With over 18 million users across 175+ countries, including 800 of the Fortune 1000 companies, your organisation will be in good company as a Hootsuite user.

Hootsuite integrates everything you need to succeed, grow, and generate positive ROAS/ROI in the digital space – as long as you have the right marketing team driving your strategies. Plus, its flexibility ensures Hootsuite can assist the social presence of all organisations: from the smallest of boutique businesses to the largest international enterprise.

How Conversologie Can Guide you to Social Success​


We map and improve your social media strategy to achieve significant social ROI.


We help your team use Hootsuite to achieve maximum efficiency and results.


We help you pick the right Hootsuite solution: one that fits your current needs, and can seamlessly scale alongside your growth.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social marketing quickly and effectively builds digital brands. Yet many organisations across New Zealand are not fully utilising the power of social media marketing – and missing out on significant growth because of it.

Whether your goals include increased sales, repeat customers, digital page growth or expanding into new markets, social media marketing is a powerful tool for any organisation’s marketing strategy. You simply can’t afford to ignore it.

What are the Benefits of Using Hootsuite?

If you’re a business owner or marketing director looking to gain an edge over your competitors and optimise your marketing activities, reach out to our friendly team at Conversologie.
Alongside our expertise as a Hootsuite digital partner, we can help your business with:

Social Marketing

Hootsuite’s up-to-date range of social media tools allows your organisation to create, schedule, publish, and manage social media content and marketing from one dashboard. Gain wider reach, deeper analytics and real-time consumer insights from your social media presence across multiple networks with Hootsuite.

Conversologie can help your team master Hootsuite to deliver ROI-positive social media marketing initiatives, resulting in powerful growth and increased reach for your brand.

Social Selling

Social selling is all about enabling your sales team to uncover leads, expand your network, and build rapport online.

You can also prove your team’s ROI by measuring the productivity of sales reps, tracking customers interactions, and analysing social channel conversion rates. Plus, in-built protective tools such as access and publishing permissions, safeguard your brand by mitigating the risk of social media whoopsies by employees. 

Social Commerce

Have you ever bought a product directly through social media? Then you already know how convenient social commerce can be! Social commerce means the full buying experience – from discovery to checkout – takes place on social media. 

Hootsuite’s social commerce tools let your customers shop as they scroll, while you sit back and watch those sales numbers grow. The innovative customer messaging platform allows you to meet customers where they hang out online – whether it’s Boomers on Facebook or Gen Zers on TikTok.

Social Customer Care

Hootsuite’s Social Customer Care tools enable your business to monitor, analyse and respond to customer queries and complaints – enabling your team to respond quickly and efficiently for a seamless customer experience. 

Conversologie’s expertise can unlock the full power of Hootsuite for your social customer care, with customised social strategies dedicated to improving your customer journey flow.

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How Conversologie Delivers Results For Your Business

If you’re a business owner or marketing director looking to gain an edge over your competitors and optimise your marketing activities, reach out to our friendly team at Conversologie. 

Alongside our expertise as a Hootsuite digital partner, we can help your business with:

  • Customer experience optimization
  • Marketing strategies and execution
  • Personalised chatbot design and integration
  • Paid advertising
  • And much, much more.


The Biggest Trends in Social for 2022

How NZ Businesses are Putting them into Action

18 May 2022 | 10AM NZ

It’s our third year at Techweek 2022 partnering with Hootsuite. We had a great session with our panelists where we broke down the five social media trends and how they have put them into action to drive business success.

Panelists included experts from Hootsuite, Intergen, and Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.

Accelerating Business Growth with Sophisticated Social Strategy

27 May 2021 | 11AM NZ

During Techweek NZ 2021, we partnered with Hootsuite to present an interactive virtual event like no other! Marketing professionals attended to learn how to set realistic goals and benchmarks to measure your social ROI and utilise it to accelerate their business growth.

Key takeaways from the event included:

  • What is social maturity? Introduction to Hootsuite’s Social Maturity Assessment
  • How to set realistic goals and benchmarks to help you measure social’s impact on your business and achieve business results faster
  • How to measure your social ROI 

It was an interactive virtual event that included a presentation, discussion, and networking. The attendees were able to ‘walk around’ using their avatars in the space and met new people along the way. 

This wasn’t your typical Zoom session.

We had Manan Sehgal, Sr. Business Value Analyst from Hootsuite present and our very own Chief Conversologist, Jam Mayer as host and moderator. 

Digital Innovation through Social Transformation Webinar

During Techweek NZ 2020, we featured Sijia Perry (Breast Cancer Foundation NZ) and Jam Mayer as they highlighted the role of social business transformation in powering digital innovation capability.


Social media meetups and Hootsuite training sessions.  The #hootconsmm event is where we all converge to learn about the hottest topics in the social media space. 

conversologie workshop training



How the City of Adelaide Scaled and Humanised Its Service Delivery with Hootsuite