According to a study by We Are Social and Hootsuite more than 3.3 billion people use social media each month around the world, and 11 new users join up every second. That’s around one million new users per day. You might want to consider social media certification to take advantage of all of the opportunities that social media brings.

Social Media Certification Means Excellence

This only proves that businesses need to include a social strategy in their marketing. For many, this will mean having to retrain their marketing team to learn new skills in order to make the most out of the social marketplace. Social marketing is a very different environment from traditional marketing, which is why it is crucial to gain more knowledge through education and training.

Consider this. As the number of users continues to expand, so does the number of emerging brands and practitioners who are marketing their products on social media on a daily basis. These transactions begin on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The question is, how can you stand out from this surge of social media marketing?

A good start is an industry-recognised social media certification.

Get Certified in Social Media to Stay Competitive

Choosing a provider is paramount. A certification means little if it doesn’t come from an industry-recognised and respected source. For instance, take a look at Hootsuite’s Directory of Certified Professionals. There is no lack of reviews written by social media marketing professionals on this platform to prove its legitimacy.

Medium writer Taylor Charlesia conducted her own research about students who took the course. She said they “felt that Hootsuite Academy gave them a better personal and professional understanding of how to utilise social media. Interviewees reported not only feeling more confident in their ability to take on roles with more responsibility but also expressed that they believed their managers felt more confident in assigning them with the tasks. 82% of those who responded to the survey said they believed having the certification would help them in their job search.”

We too, recommend Hootsuite Academy. They offer a great curriculum with comprehensive, engaging educational videos as well as quizzes and examinations to test your knowledge. Once you’ve finished the course, expect the following benefits to help you on your social media marketing journey.

Manage multiple social media platforms from one dashboard

Social media management platforms allow you to run effective campaigns without having to jump from one channel to another. The Hootsuite Platform Certification teaches you how to use Hootsuite’s dashboard in order to engage your audience and execute your social media strategy efficiently, saving you time and admin.

Get a certification – boost your credibility as a social media manager

After finishing a social media course from an industry-recognised platform like Hootsuite Academy you receive an official digital certificate. This allows you to showcase your expertise on both your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Grow your social network

Professionals with a Hootsuite social media marketing certification are automatically listed on the platform’s directory of certified professionals. This means that brands and employers looking for an expert social media professional can easily find you and verify your legitimacy.

Knowing how to manage multiple social media channels from a single dashboard, showcasing your expertise on several platforms, and becoming a part of a social media roll of certified professionals makes it easier for you to advance in your career. It lets employers know that they are dealing with someone who is capable, professional, and is serious about advancing in their social media marketing career.

“Jam was a great presenter, knowledgeable, humorous and approachable. It was a very comfortable learning environment and did not feel intimidating at all despite the topic being outside of some people’s comfort zone. Great value course also. Thanks for offering it.” – feedback from one of our Waitakere workshop attendees.

If you are a social media professional looking to level up your skills and expand your employment prospects, now is a great time to get a social media certification!